Finstral windows

At Burgener SA, discover a huge range of windows in PVC, aluminium and PVC-aluminium!

Craftsmen passionate about glazing in Carouge

A unique craftsman's know-how handed down since 1930 for creating and restoring stained glass and all types of glazing products!

Blinds and shutters

Burgener SA supplies and installs the best blinds and shutters.

Bespoke glazing products

Burgener SA helps private individuals and professional architects to design the craziest glazing projects!

Bespoke products

Architects or private individuals: with Burgener SA you can achieve your wildest dreams in glass!

Burgener JP SA - glass

Burgener SA is the ideal partner for architects and private individuals who are looking for unique and completely personalised glass products!

Possessing a know-how gained over almost 3/4 of a century, but also using the most up-to-date technology, we will help you in any glass design you want and will advise you in achieving unique glass creations.

Contact us to make us part of your project!