Finstral windows

At Burgener SA, discover a huge range of windows in PVC, aluminium and PVC-aluminium!

Craftsmen passionate about glazing in Carouge

A unique craftsman's know-how handed down since 1930 for creating and restoring stained glass and all types of glazing products!

Blinds and shutters

Burgener SA supplies and installs the best blinds and shutters.

Bespoke glazing products

Burgener SA helps private individuals and professional architects to design the craziest glazing projects!

Glazing - glass and stained glass

Burgener SA in Carouge: manufacture and repair of glass and stained glass since 1930!

glass stairsThere is no aspect of glazing, window or mirror glass that we do not touch. We have a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine which offers extraordinary manufacturing options.

In its own workshops, Burgener SA manufactures all sorts of glass products:

  • Engraved glass partitions
  • Sand-blasted surfaces
  • Glass floors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Glass shower units
  • Glass or mirrored glass splashbacks
  • Glass furniture (tables)
  • Decorations on glass (engraving on glass)
  • Stairs in tempered glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Aquariums


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One of the few Swiss specialists in the manufacture and repair of stained glass!


Burgener SA has succeeded in preserving know-how of this traditional craftsmanship in the business going back to 1930. The technique requires extremely skilled handling which Burgener SA has mastered to perfection.

During the design or repair of old stained glass, the master glazier works according to traditional practices dating back to the Middle Ages: the glass is coloured, calibrated, leaded…

In our Carouge workshop, our qualified workmen carry out:

Burgener JP SA - stained glass


  • Soft soldering
  • Tiffany style assembly
  • Traditional lead assembly
  • Contemporary stained glass
  • Private bespoke orders (tailor-made stained glass)
  • Stained glass for churches
  • Stained glass for prestige properties



Are you a private individual, an architect or a construction professional wanting to install completely tailor-made stained glass? Contact us to obtain a design made to measure!

Comprehensive bespoke services

Our REPAIR service will respond to your request immediately if your glass or glazing is damaged.

Our DESIGN service gives you advice on designing and creating glass furniture and completing all types of glazing work: techniques in cutting and bonding offer all sorts of options to fulfil the wildest dreams. All types of glass (insulating, thermally insulated, laminated, bulletproof, tempered, fireproof, etc.) and all types of glazing are available from us.

Our ADVICE service will furnish your request with all the necessary valuations, calculations and estimates courtesy of our technical glass construction expert.

Click here to see pictures of work we've done in stained glass!Burgener JP SA - stained glass